Sign up if you’d like to help us save the pub

Cornwall Council have recently rejected planning applications to change the use of the Prince of Wales pub in Newtown St Martin and to develop bungalows on the current car parking area.

We have been waiting for the outcome of the decisions on the planning applications before launching our share offer to raise the funds necessary to save the pub in the hope that as a community, we can come to an agreement with the current owners.

Our business plan for the pub has already secured £125,000 in funding, beating other applications from around the UK.

We will soon launch our share offer which gives the public a chance to become a
shareholder of The Prince of Wales, supporting our vision of it becoming a community-owned hub for clubs, community groups, a small shop and educational drop-in sessions.

If you wish to, you can buy shares and this money will be added to our funding pot to
allow us to purchase the pub and begin its journey under community ownership. If we do not buy the pub all funds would be returned.

We also have a Facebook group where you can receive updates and if you click here, you will be signed up to a mailing list so you can receive news when the share offer is launched and more information about what to do next if you’d like to support the campaign.

You can also contact Viki Carpenter, Sarah Doolin or Mark Gittins directly via a letter to
Lyncot, Newtown St Martin, TR12 6DP



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